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Lauri palokangas

CMO, Eficode

Jarno's solution-oriented thinking and understanding the customer's underlying problem are invaluable. First-class!

Jarno Oksanen

A guy

What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Call

Your time is as valuable as mine. For this reason we'll prepare to the call making it extra quality. Our goal is to make sure we both understand your actual and underlying problem, and the mechanics how your business operates.

I'm not trying to solve it quickly but to help you to understand and solve it properly. A step today should not make a step tomorrow more difficult.

What Happens Before the Call

I'll ask you couple of questions via email and will check your website to understand your technology stack.

What Happens During the Call

We both ask more questions to ensure we're on the same page. I will  also show you a selected case-study based on your pre-answers to see how others have met a similar challenge.

What Changes After the Call

If nothing else, you now understand your situation better.

If we think we're a good match, we'll proceed to agree on next steps building a joint proposal matching your business-culture and desired speed and goals.

About Jarno Oksanen

After ten years of consulting in online marketing, web analytics and business in general, I've cultivated an approach which is purposeful and future oriented.

My goal is to help you build something lasting for years to come. Not just sell you a quick fix.

Why They Recommend Having a Go With Jarno

Scheduling a free consultation is a tailored opportunity to explore problems and solutions, without any obligation to purchase more.

The more you are willing to share your numbers, the more precise we I can estimate our impact. But rest assured, any shared details are always protected secrets. We'll do our best with the agreed time-frame and will not waste time.

Aki Vänskä


"Hey Jarno, I need your help to get this %@&! website project finished and the site launched."

Nina Tuomisto


We are in need of exactly this more strategic marketing coaching. It's good to get the technology in order as well, but before we can do the right things, we won't achieve the right results.

Juri Franska


I have particularly appreciated Jarno's courage to challenge my own thinking and his ability to form a broader picture of marketing, rather than just the task at hand.

He also has the skill to explain things in such a simple manner that even a layperson like me can stay informed about the matters being worked on.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Online Revenue Streams!

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