7Sheep challenges Hubspot

I got an email from 7Sheep saying they’re replacement, less expensive option for Hubspot. Even if it wouldn’t be true, I kind of like this positioning game.

7SheepAs Hubspot charges for additional contacts, 7Sheep includes unlimited contacts and charges per users. The email announced the pricing starts from 30€/user per month.

I failed to find that price on the website, but only 49€ a month annual entrepreneur deal. It includes 10,000 sent emails as higher tiers include 100k in default. Hubspot allows ten emails per contact in average, so compared with somewhat similar amounts of leads, Hubspot would require pro pricing plan and 640€ monthly.

Testrun of 7Sheep stumbled on credit card

I would’ve got $5 coupon for Starbucks had I registered for a free trial with my credit card. I don’t think there is Starbucks in my town so the deal was lost on me. I also don’t want to give out my credit card information only to test something, so I’m now basically writing with nothing.

Apparently I’m not the only one. When searching for others having more courage and less strict credit card policy, I only found articles on TrustRadius.

Either the service is really new and no-one knows about them (in two months the Facebook page has gained two new fans totalling up to 158 people), or they just suck in customer experience. There isn’t even screenshots on the website. Or maybe they’re working on Austrian market first and no English blogs is yet available. 7Sheep is run by one Sarah Hayes with her friends. Sarah is from Leeds or Vienna, or both.

All pieces put together, if you are looking for an inbound tool for a small company, I’d probably recommend to try this out of curiosity. Who knows, maybe you’d be their only customer and they’d be willing to develop the product in line with your wishes.