3 WordPress plugins to ease the sharing of your content

It was 2003 when I started blogging the first time and coded my own CMS with PHP and text-files. That site is demolished and forgotten. Yet it doesn’t seize to amaze me how much learning there is when it comes to blogging.

Today I found three brilliant WordPress plugins to help a content marketer keep up the appearance. Klikkaa ja Twiittaa

  1. Revive Old Post (Former Tweet Old Post) – to revive the old posts

    This simple, but brilliant plugin re-posts your old blog posts into various social media platforms on timely basis. Give it a timeframe how often to post, timeframe how old the blog-post needs to be and exclude some categories you don’t want to revive. The pluging chooses the blog-post randomly and you don’t have to worry at all.

    Talk about keeping up the appearance 🙂

  2. Better Click To Tweet – to ease the sharing threshold

    Again genious in its simplicity. Better Click To Tweet let’s you create boxes of witty text, which the reader can then share in Twitter served with a link. Combined with your username, if wished.

    This Better.. instance of the known Tweet to Click is updated more often than the other one, and translated with various languages. Including Finnish.

  3. Free Tools to grow your Email List, Social Sharing and Analytics – lots of features packaged into one

    As a continuum to the previous one Free Tools etc (this has got to have a simpler name, doesn’t it?) by SumoMe also let’s readers share tweets. But it’s more cunning. A pop-up appears after the user selects some text with the mouse.

    C’mon, give it a try.

    Free Tools.. also let’s you include email harvesters integrated with various email services, such as MailChimp. It also provides a heatmap, but I’m using Hotjar for it and didn’t even try this. I’m sure there is lots of additional features available.

    Pop-up Tweeter from SumoMe

There you go. Only three plugins to make your content spread like ashes in the wind.

P.S. The post reviving part made me think of historical post optimizing. Stay tuned!

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